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Blockchain Engine

About Blockchain Engine

Blockchain Engine (BcE) is a platform designed for developers. BcE offers a suite of tools to create applications and services based off of the Emer blockchain. Not only is it simple to install, configure and integrate into any project, it’s widely available, offered in Microsoft’s Azure platform where it can be deployed on Ubuntu, in the cloud. You can manage it via JSON-RPC, a very simple protocol, and a web-interface.

Read about ten use-cases where Emer’s blockchain is helping to radically change traditional constructs in various areas of business, from internet security, authentication without password, public registries, decentralizing online advertising and more.

For Business

Is your business ready to use blockchain?

Blockchain Engine offers a competitive advantage in comparison to other solutions currently based on dated technologies. Security, rights of possession, proof-of-ownership, authentication and authorization can all be upgraded and enhance by blockchain technology.
It allows you to create an atmosphere of trust, transparency and security in an environment where it was previously limited, or sheerly impossible.

Blockchain solutions are lower-cost improvements on classic solutions.

For Developers

Blockchain Engine is a functional, robust yet simple system for designing applications. It contains a large number of tools that you can use to create a completely new project or improve on something already in operation.

Here are some of the problems solved by blockchain technology, right now:

emcSSH – A solution for secure corporate networks at various levels
emcSSL – Online security and passwordless authentication
emcDPO – Digital proof-of-ownership solution for physical or digital goods and services
emcTTS – Trusted time-stamping service to prove authorship of a document
EMC ATOM – A bidirectional, secure transaction between two parties, regardless of confidence level
emcDNS – Distributed censorship-resistant domain name system
emcLNX – The first decentralized pay-per-click advertising network of its kind
EMC InfoCard – Storage for digital cards of any structure or format

This is just the beginning. What can you come up with?