10th week of 2017

Blockchain goes public.

Good day, friends!

This week starts out with good news. At various times we wrote about our cooperation with the Russian farmer and entrepreneur Mikhail Shlyapnikov. His experience is priceless, as he was the first person who implemented Blockchain in agriculture. From then on, many people wanted to follow his path. That’s why we wrote a manual or, rather, a step-by-step guide – Blockchain for Farmers. It includes not only specific stages of Blockchain installation and setting but also a large number of examples of where and how to use Blockchain. This material will suit not only agricultural enterprises but also industries where it is required to establish liaison between the manufacturer and consumer without any middlemen, to acquire access to investments, reduce costs, improve profitability and attract new buyers. Blockchain has never been so close, comprehensible and useful for ordinary people.
So far, this manual has been available only in Russian, but in the near future its English version is to be published.
Some interesting material appeared on Tech Announcer. It is an interview with a representative of the Emercoin team. We have already gotten used to the fact that Ethereum and Emercoin are constantly being compared. Many times we have disputed their similarity. The publication tells in detail about all technology solutions which fundamentally differentiate Emercoin from Ethereum https://techannouncer.com/interview-with-emercoin-ethereum-vs-emercoin-the-difference-of-approach-between-blockchains/

Last week Masha promised to impress you with her beauty. She always upholds her promises. Accept our hot regards.


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