11 week of 2017

The token grows in price, new trading pairs available and other important events.

Good day blockchain experts!

Emercoin, as usual, has been quite busy. The important news from last week is that Emercoin was included in Red Hat’s corporate catalog of certified programs. This was a big deal for us, as Red Hat is a US-based company providing Linux solutions for enterprises, and its corporate solutions catalog includes software products from globally renowned companies. You can read more about this accomplishment here: http://www.blockchainengine.org/emercoin-is-included-in-red-hats-corporate-catalog-of-certified-programs/

Another bit of good news: last week the Emercoin token grew by 38 % to $0.297. The price of other altcoins, Ether, Dash, Monero, has also grown, which was highlighted by Coinfox: http://www.coinfox.info/news/6874-altcoins-rise-on-winklevoss-etf-rejection

On a side note, these forks are now trade-able with Emercoin on the livecoin exchange: https://www.livecoin.net/en/news/view/311

Remember when we told you about the first blockchain conference in Estonia? Well, here are the results. The conference was visited by 250 guests from 20 countries, and some of the speakers included Jon Matonis, Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation; Kaspar Korjus, e-Residency Managing Director; Karolina Marzantowicz, Distinguished Engineer at the Polish branch of IBM; Kaidi Ruusalepp, Founder of Funderbeam, and many others. Our colleagues Stanislav Polozov (Marketing Director) and Evgeny Shumilov (CEO) were also there to represent Emercoin at this conference. Stanislav participated in the conference both as a speaker and a moderator.
“There were a lot of exciting topics, great speakers and a productive rhythm. I believe that the Emercoin technical solutions showcased at this conference will be remembered by many. My presentation was focused on the practical applications of the blockchain, and I also gave a live demo of our main developments.”
— Stanislav Polozov, Marketing Director.

Read more about the conference’s results at: http://www.coinfox.info/news/6886-tallinn-hosts-biggest-blockchain-conference-in-baltic-states

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