14th week of 2017

Greetings Emercoin fans!

Are you in good spirits? You should be flying high, as the Bitcoin rate is recovering confidently. The conflict between the supporters of Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited has gradually subsided, and now the price of Bitcoin is rising, approaching the $1200 mark.

We cannot help but rejoice, because we are now mining in two currencies at once. By the way, the Mergemining.com pool has started joint mining of Bitcoin and Emercoin. http://www.blockchainengine.org/mergemining-com-emercoin/
More and more people are becoming supporters of Merged Mining, which means everything has not been in vain!

On April 19, Moscow will be hosting a large exhibition of equipment and software for the cryptocurrency industry, and the Emercoin team will be taking an active part in it. We promise to update you with a detailed report!

Our friend and partner Mikhail Shlyapnikov has successfully launched the ICO of his new project, the Kolionovo Ecosystem. If you are curious about what contribution Emercoin has made to this project, then be sure to check out our press release here: http://www.blockchainengine.org/ico-kolionovo/

You must have missed our Masha very much. Today she will finally please you with her beauty. Masha sends you her warm greetings and wishes you a quick end to the working week and good cheer!