1st week of the year 2017.

1st week of the year 2017.

Plans. Wishes. Search.

Good day, rested blokchain fans!
The New Year holidays, as always, have ended too quickly, but that is no reason to hang your head. It is time to gather strength and to implement the long-conceived plans. To work more and even more efficiently. To earn even more. And finally to start what you have been thinking about, but have not dared: to start going to a gym, to change the job you hate, and finally to plunge into the world of crypto-currency.

Our team wishes you a happy new year and the ability to make all your dreams come true! Our Masha has not forgotten to congratulate each of you and she gently hugs everyone. She sincerely loves you and wishes that you have not a single day without pleasures in the new year.

Our new year holidays were less extreme. We have big plans for this year. Our team continues to grow and we’re still looking for the coolest developers — the kings of electronic networks and the sovereigns of hardware experience with blokchain technologies (forks, bitcoin). We are ready to consider the candidates wanting to learn these technologies as well. We will teach you a lot. Write here: [email protected]

By the way, how did you spend your holidays? Lying on the couch watching tv, dancing in clubs or skiing? Or maybe you are among those most daredevils, who on January 8 at temperature of -28 participated in the Moscow bike parade?
If not, here’s a picture of a man with strong spirit. We attach it with genuine admiration and goosebumps.

— 28, how does he do it?

By the way, if you are mining, your house is always warm.
We wish you an easy and productive week!