The 32nd week

The 32nd week of 2016

Emercoin development Team will report about what was done during last week in the given format of information message.

During last week:

1. News about Russian farmer who began using the Emercoin Blockchain was published in foreign media. So we have powder still in our flasks and western readers may be interested in news from Russia: CoinIdol

2. Last week negotiations were conducted with one of the biggest Russian University about introducing into educational program the course about the Blockchain. I think it is a great stride in the educational system of our country.
Since the experts, who know about the Blockchain and how to use it, will be needed more and more from year to year.
And there is no one who teaches them in Russia.

3. By the way the developers are needed to our team. With experience in working with blockchain technologies (Bitcoin forks) or anyone who wish to master these technologies. We will help, show and teach you. We are the cool team. We don’t promise you to get a Black Jack, but don’t worry about timely payment. Write here: [email protected]

4. And another photo of Emer Girl. This is Masha and she loves Emercoin very much.

Маша Эмер

Emercoin Public Relations Contact
Email: ik[at]emercoin.com