The 33rd week

The 33rd week of 2016

Emercoin developing Team will report about what was done during last week in the given format of information message

During last week:

1. Every week guys from Colionovo village let us know about the news
This time Mihail Shlyapnikov told us in detail about how the whole blockchain system works http://ko.ru/persona/item/132824-blokchejn-vmesto-dolgovykh-raspisok

2. And also Emercoin has appeared on two new exchanges so now you can buy it there too, if it will convenient for you of course ABwang and LiteBit.eu

3. We are preparing to release the 5th version of wallet and what it will contain: the new GUI from bitcoin 0.10.2
You can manage the entrances. New PRC commands new options of the command line. New bitcoin Security Standards (all sorts of BIPxx)
Two the best changes – you are at your ease to sign and check the messages; the function of coins control will appear to unite the debris after PoS
And more – GUI is more responsive when downloading the blocks, the old client just freezes during the downloadn at all And the translation to other languages must be mush broader and better overall, there are many interesting things for those who get hip, well and the interface has changed for those like our PR expert, all have become quicker and there are many different languages

4. By the way we’ll be glad to see new persons in our team. C++/Qt and python programmers with experience of working with blockchain technology (Bitcoin forks) or who wish to master these technologies. We will help, show and teach you. We are the cool team.
We are the cool team We don’t promise you to get a Black Jack, but will let you meet with Masha at least (who is Masha, see below).
Write here: hr[at]emercoin.com

5. By the way, recently I’ve found a very simple and understandable explanation of the word “blockchain” in one of the articles:
Blockchain is a big stone in the middle of a village with an inscription hewn out on it about who has which house and who owned which house since the day it was built. These inscriptions can not be deleted or replaced. And such stones are in every village.

6. And the next photo of Emer Girl. This is Masha and she loves Emer very much.
Маша Эмер 2

Emercoin Public Relations Contact
Email: ik[at]emercoin.com