The 36th week

The 36th week of 2016

Emercoin development Team will report about what has been done during last week in the given format of information message

During last week:

1. Forklog continues to watch over the progress of blockchain project in Colionovo village. The first results are described in this article: http://forklog.com/v-kolionovo-rasskazali-o-pervyh-rezultatah-perehoda-na-blokchejn/

2. A greate article about 5 reasons why it is need to buy Emercoin has come out at the Cryptor: https://cryptor.net/kriptovalyuty/pyat-prichin-kupit-emerkoin-pryamo-seychas I highly recommend reading it.

3. Now a bit about what do the Emercoin team do.
As it was said before, we are working on number of projects and all of them are directed at easier and more convenient ways of using our technology. Now we are working on mobile version of the wallet, I won’t tell you for the present about what functions it will have and how it will simplify the life to the users I’ll say about how the process is going.
First it all began from the attempt to understand what the user needs in mobile version of the wallet. We questioned tens of people, read hundreds of articles about thousands of applications with millions of users and having studed a large number of information we’ve written a PRD. Overall more then ten ideas about what should still add came during the process of creating the application. So you can be sure the mobile Emercoin wallet won’t disappoint you. Next I’ll tell you about work of designers.

4. We are looking forward to C++/Qt and python programmers with experience of working with blockchain technology (Bitcoin forks) or who want to learn these technologies. We will help, show and teach you. We are the cool team. We don’t promise you to get a Black Jack, but will let you meet with Masha at least (who is Masha, see below). Write here: [email protected]

5. Masha wasn’t at last digest, today we improve the situation. Masha loves Emer very mush and of course missed you. By the way what do you think about Masha? Is it worth while making more photos with her? If yes then please write us about it (contacts under the photo)

Маша Эмер 4

Emercoin Public Relations Contact
Email: ik[at]emercoin.com