The 37th week

The 37th week of 2016

Emercoin development Team will report about what has been done during last week in the given format of information message

During last week:
1. Emercoin started trading on another one exchange – HITBTC https://hitbtc.com If the use of this platform is convenient to you then welcome. Lately Emercoin appears on different exchanges and this is cannot but make us happy.

2. An article about invisible Internet and blockchain came out. The article in English: https://bitconnect.co/bitcoin-news/248/the-invisible-internet-and-a-blockchain-i2p-enters-wide-use/

3. Let’s continue talking about what the Emercoin team is doing now?
Work on the mobile version of the wallet is not only PRD writing and problems definition for programmers but also a great work of designers. Quality product without a good design won’t be successful. Honestly, work with designers isn’t as easy as it seems. You can draw again the same element an infinite number of times
And, of course, designers that able to work in the given scopes and stand up correctly for one or another idea are very good. Because of won’t be able to cope with his task one of designers left us during the work on the project. But now all of work is continuing without failure and this is cannot but make us happy.

4. We are looking forward to C++/Qt and python programmers with experience of working with blockchain technology (Bitcoin forks) or who want to learn these technologies. We will help, show and teach you. We are the cool team. We don’t promise you to get a Blackjack, but payment is guaranteed. Write here: [email protected]

5. And the next photo of Emer Girl. This is Masha and she loves Emercoin very much.

Emercoin Public Relations Contact
Email: ik[at]emercoin.com