The 38th week

The 38th week of 2016

Emercoin development Team will report about what has been done during last week in this format of the information message

During last week:

1. At present, the time of elections is approaching in the world: the election were held in Russia, the election in USA will be soon, recently there was a referendum on Britain’s membership in EU. You can think about all of these differently, but you can’t deny this is quite important event in any democratic society.
Unfortunately, elections are held using an old way that is a person should physically come to the election district, get a piece of paper and tick off. Really, coming physically is just need to make sure a person is really who he pretends to be. But more strangeness and a survival of the past is issuing paper ballot physically in which a person need to tick off one or another candidate.
To be honest, this system can be compromised, for instance, there are well-known incidents when putting of paper ballot is happened, corruption of electors etc. What I’m talking about… Well, the blockchain can solve both problems mentioned above. And thanks to blockchain elections can be honest, transparent and held easily. At present, there is only one country in the world holding the election over the Internet, but I think it would be the same in all other countries.

2. Good article: Decentralized blockchain technology against ICANN: What are the odds of conflict? in English http://www.blockchainengine.org/decentralizovannaya-tehnologiya-blokcheyna-protiv-icann-vozmozhen-li-konflikt/

3. An excellent article about new technologies and very fast changes in the world. The Emercoin is mentioned there as the first blockchain platform in the world which appeared in the cloud: https://www.pcweek.ru/its/article/detail.php?ID=188551
By the way, Emercoin was added to the exchanger so if you need to change your Bitcoin or Etherium for Emercoin quickly then welcome here: http://getcoin.today/coinreform-uluchsheniy-analog-shapeshift/

5. We are looking forward to C++/Qt and python programmers with experience of working with blockchain technology (Bitcoin forks) or who want to learn these technologies. We will help, show and teach you. We are the cool team. We don’t promise you to get a Black Jack, but payment is guaranteed. Write here: [email protected]

6. And here is a new photo of Masha. Let me remind you she loves Emercoin very much.

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