3rd week of 2017

week 3

Whiskey at the crypto-currency exchange, the joint revolution, blocking of the exchange — in total, a saturated week.

Good day, blokchain experts!

Last week was full of news. For example, a research of the major analytical company Transparency Market Research, according to which the annual growth of the blokchain industry was be 59%, was published. And this means that already by the year 2024 the global blokchain market will reach 20 billion dollars. Such data is surely motivating, for which reason this week we’ll be working even harder.

Besides the new prospects are opening: now ChronoBank cooperates with us. The main objective of this project is to radically change the personnel selection industry. By working together we will make a small revolution in the field of short-term recruitment — rejoice, dear freelancer! Or now the work is based on three elements of blokchain platform: emcSSL, emcSSH, and emcDNS.
Learn more about the project here: https://blog.chronobank.io/chronobank-announces-technical-and-financial-partnership-with-emercoin-24905dd4f857#.7keqiewc9

Our longtime partner Mikhail Shlyapnikov is the lecturer this week. His farm is thriving, but he never ceases to invent the new projects that can be implemented using the blokchain. This time he has decided to create the alcohol and whiskey coins. Yes, this is not a typo. Michael makes the whiskey and puts the alco-coins to the stock exchange as futures.
The link to his post, where the information is presented in more detail: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1372546236148769&id=100001802183805

However, not everything went smoothly last week. The crypto-currency exchange EXMO was blocked in Russia. Our friends – the magazine Forklog – were among the first to publish this piece of news. On this occasion, they offered our blockchain as a security blanket for those, whose Internet resource was blocked for some reason: https://exmo.com

Have an easy week and let, contrary to all foul weather, you are always warm.