42 week of 2016

In this information message format the crew of Emercoin development talks about what has been done over the last week.

Over the last week:

1. Today we will talk about counterfeit and fight against it.
It turns out that according to the UN estimates, the annual volume of counterfeit goods is more than 250 000 000 000 (two hundred and fifty billion) dollars. It is known that one million dollars in 100 dollar notes weighs 14 kilograms. So, the annual volume of counterfeit goods is 3500 tons of money. Anyway, it’s very-very much! I suppose, I should add, that with the blockchain Emercoin the fight against counterfeiting will be easier and more efficient.

2. In the early summer of 2016, Emercoin announced a strategic project with the Petrodvorets Watch Factory Raketa. The main idea of the project is that the use of blockchain at this factory, and after that at many others, will help efficiently and rather cheap to fight counterfeiting of their goods. In the process of our collaboration with the factory Raketa, we received invaluable experience. Now it’s time to share that experience with the world. Last week was presented the utility for automatically entry of serial numbers into blockchain.

3. By the way, we wrote a short story about how to fight counterfeits with help of the blockchain.

4. Waiting for a team of programmers on C++/Qt and python experienced with blockchain technology (Forks Bitcoin) or wanting to master these technologies. We will help, show, teach. Our crew is excellent. Of course, we do not promise BlackJack, but we will pay. Write here: [email protected]

5. And here is another photo from Masha. I will remind you she likes Emercoin very much.

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