45 week

In this information message format the crew of Emercoin development talks about what has been done over the last week.

1. First, a question not immediately related to Emercoin: Hillary or Trump?

2. In the past week, we have noted the number of downloads of the Emercoin wallet. There is evidence of significant growth. And 46% of downloads are attributed to the USA. To be honest, it is unclear to what this is related but the trend is nothing but good.

3. An important reminder: the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia will be held in Moscow on November 10 http://bitcoinconf.moscow/en
Emercoin representatives will also attend and, undoubtedly, will speak of the latest and most interesting developments.

4. Emercoin has been listed as one of the TOP 5 crypto-exchanges: https://www.xbtce.com If you find this exchange convenient to use, you will be most welcome there. Emercoin can be purchased there for Bitcoin and US dollars.

5. Waiting for a team of programmers on C++/Qt and python experienced with blockchain technology (Forks Bitcoin) or wanting to master these technologies. We will help, show, teach. Our crew is excellent. Of course, we do not promise BlackJack, but we will pay. Write here: [email protected]

6. And here is another photo from Masha. I will remind you she likes Emercoin very much.

Emercoin Public Relations Contact
Email: [email protected]