47-48 week of 2016

In this information message format the crew of Emercoin development talks about what has been done over the last week.

1. All the time various Internet resources are blocked here and there around the world. Reasons for that may vary. There are media, social networks, search engines restrictions in some countries. One of the largest porn trackers Pornolab.net announced a new “mirror” in the Emercoin alternate domain name system after Pornolab.net was blocked in Russia. The tracker owners learned about the EMC DNS service and ordered it to provide an additional entry point to their users. The decentralized network of DNS EmerCoin was launched in November 2014. The demand for a service like that has arisen from the fact that in any centralized DNS-based networks all domain records are maintained by network providers, not owners of sites, and the providers can stop resolving the records on their own or by order from authorities. Here is the news: http://forklog.net/pornolab-creates-a-mirror-in-emercoins-decentralized-domain-zone/

2. The organizers of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia has just released their long awaited system in English

3. If you or your friends are system administrators drop them a line as we have something to discuss with them. [email protected]

4. Waiting for a team of programmers on C++/Qt and python experienced with blockchain technology (Forks Bitcoin) or wanting to master these technologies. We will help, show, teach. Our crew is excellent. Of course, we do not promise BlackJack, but we will pay. Write here: [email protected]

4. Masha is not available today as she is on vacation.

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