4th week of 2017

We overtook the bitcoin, we worked smart and were happy with the long-awaited return

Good day, all the blockchain’s fans and simply good people!

Blue Monday is behind us, and this means that, from now on, working will become easier, more interesting, more joyful and more fruitful.
Last week, we shared with you the news about the cooperation with a blockchain platform ChronoBank. Our interaction is picking up speed. A revolution in the field of short-term employment is around the corner. Stay tuned for the news. If you are interested in the details about our joint project, go here: http://www.blockchainengine.org/chronobank-announces-technical-and-financial-partnership-with-emercoin/

A curious rating was published on a foreign Internet benchmark resource. It provides the most popular crypto-currency in the year 2016. We can bet that you are not able to guess even the first five. Emercoin took ninth place on this list, overtaking even bitcoin. We understand that the crypto-currency market is extremely fragile, and yet were sincerely pleased with having achieved ninth place.
The complete rating list is found here: http://www.benchmark.pl/aktualnosci/nie-tylko-bitcoin-kryptowaluty-w-2016-roku.html

In the news, we often write about our friend and partner Mikhail Shlyapnikov. Many of our readers have repeatedly requested a detailed story about how the blockchain platform Emercoin actually functions at the Kolionovo farm. The material is ready, this is not only a detailed story, but also contains valuable tips from Mikhail Shlyapnikov: http://www.blockchainengine.org/ru/blockchain_kolionovo/

And now the most important news – our Masha is returning. Last week, it was very hot in one of the photo studios. The results of the hot photo shoot will be posted in stages. Don’t miss the next digest )