Week 50 of 2016

Week 50 of 2016.

1. Good afternoon, dear admirers of blokchain and cryptocurrencies! Today we have a kind of a celebration digest. It is a celebration, because last week, on 11 December, beloved by all Emercoin was 3 years old! In fact it is a huge term for the sphere of cryptocurrencies. Within 3 years Emercoin has become not another cryptocurrency, but one of the most advanced blokchain platforms. If you look at coinmarketcap you can see the Emercoin during these 3 years was growing in price, more and more new services were appearing, and the users of Emercoin appeared in many countries around the world. And now we will tell a little about the success of Emercoin 2016. And plans for 2017. By the way, I would like to note that Emercoin has no manager, there is no single decision-making center as such, and everything what is done is done by the enthusiasts. So each of you can take any service or developments of Emercoin and start to do with them anything, for home, business, etc. For example, you live in Iceland and suddenly realize that blokchain Emercoin can solve a task in a very important matter. Actually you can simply start doing this business and make money. Everything is open.
Well, now about the successes:
– The most significant – the partnership with Microsoft. The piece of news has produced a stunning effect, including the impact on the coins exchange rate. We have became the partners and the first, and I emphasize, the first to place the blokchain at MS Azure having passed all checks and having received all permissions.
– The entrance to the Chinese stock exchange BTC38 with the contact with the Chinese community of traders. A number of translations of well-known feature articles into the Chinese language has caused a stir among traders, they were buying coins like hot cakes. For the first time in the history of the project the daily trading volume exceeded one million dollars, while the rate was exceeding 75 cents.
– The launch of Blockchain Engine (Web-wallet and platform for developers) The development of an assembly for the four most the popular OS Linux, including ARM.

– Emercoin has begun implementing its DPO technology in the fight against counterfeiting at the watch factory Rocket: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/raketa-watches-trials-blockchain-technology-to-fight-counterfeiting-1467905237

– Emercoin has introduced a product for the secure network administration: http://forklog.net/emercoin-releases-a-blockchain-solution-for-network-administration/
Here you can find the reviews of the actual use: http://forklog.net/hashcoins-cto-about-corporate-use-of-emercoin-services/

Emercoin implementation in the agribusiness: https://coinidol.com/world-first-village-to-adopt-blockchain-in-farming-management/

The launch of Emercoin implementation in the UN processes: https://cointelegraph.com/news/united-nations-will-adopt-emercoin-for-its-car-fleet-management-project

The development by our partners Hashcoins of autoclockchain prototype: http://forklog.net/hashcoins-presents-a-blockchain-solution-for-vehicle-title-certification-system/

There were many other different events. The most important thing is the begging of blockchain actual implementation in the real business.
Plans for 2017.

100 years ago, in 1917 in Russia, there was a revolution that changed not only Russia, but also a whole world. I think that the blockchain revolution will happen in 2017 and this revolution will also change the entire world. In 2017 Emercoin will have many new implementations in various sectors of business and public administration. It is not everything we can tell for now, but in 2017 we will be glad to have the new implementations much more often. One of the main objectives is to develop the “packaged” services. Everything is done to ensure that any person, if needed, could take the developments of Emercoin and start to use them. And in the very near future we will please you with the first such solution. This means that you can just take the technology and implement it. Or, for example, can study the technology, adapt it to your market and start making money on the implementation for the users. So, with the help of Emercoin you can also earn simultaneously with solving of problems of other people, companies or states with the help of block chain.

2. Today Masha is will not come, she is still on vacation. She sends you greetings.