5th week of 2017

Blockchain has a new guide, Shlyapnikov has conceived a grandiose project, and Emercoin domain zones have new users.
Good day to you all, dear connoisseurs and experts in blockchain!

Are you well, how do you find this unholy freezing spell? Bracing, isn’t it? Or are your only thoughts about a warm blanket and a mug of hot, strong drink?
Let us make every effort to drive away all thoughts about rest – we have way too much to do yet. By the way, what with being far too busy, I have completely forgotten to tell you that the well-known browser-based extension FriGate now supports the alternative Emercoin domain zones, and we are genuinely happy about it! The reason is that, according to the data of the Chroome Internet store, over 700,000 people use this plug-in. You can read more about the collaboration of FriGate and Emercoin at Forklog: http://www.blockchainengine.org/ru/fri-gate_dns_emercoin/

The day before yesterday, a curious guide to blockchain-based solutions was published, mentioning our technologies among other things. The guide is divided into thematic areas, each of them offering one or several alternative platforms. Blockchain is popular in diametrically opposite spheres: from music to agriculture, from recruiting to PR, from the entertainment industry to the power supply industry. Do not neglect reading this source; you will undoubtedly find some interesting technological solution for yourself: https://habrahabr.ru/post/321194/

Mentioning the successes of Mikhail Shlyapnikov in each newsletter will soon become a tradition. His irrepressible energy is to be envied. This time, prepare to be astounded. They are launching a new crypto-project at Kolionovo. Its main objective is to attract and rationally distribute investments. The funds will be spent on production line expansion, increase of the range of products, services, modular production units, infrastructure, as well as the creation of a multifunctional, sustainable production and social complex at the village of Kolionovo and its neighborhood. The project is still under development. However, even now we know that a new crypto-coin will be created just for the project. The Emercoin team intends to take an active part in the development of this project. More details can be found here: http://forklog.com/v-kolionovo-zapuskayut-novyj-kriptoproekt-dlya-investirovaniya-i-pokupki-tovarov-i-uslug/

Our colleague Stanislav Polozov recently read a very interesting lecture on the secrets of blockchain technologies. If you have a free quarter of an hour, make sure to watch this video:

We are aware that some of you were eagerly waiting for the publication of this newsletter. And we see that no harm was done, that you have been kept waiting, not so much because of the lack of news, but rather because of our beautiful Masha. We stand by our promises.


Masha sends her hugs, and wishes everyone a pleasant and happy week.

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