The 7th week of 2017

From scandals to good news

Good day, blockchain experts!

The last week was a hot one. At one time we were excited with good news, at another we had to deal with unfortunate incidents.
Somebody’s trying to ruin Emercoin’s reputation by distributing spam via Slack. These attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Spammers mimic the official Emercoin mailout using a popular corporate messenger for this purpose. Our experts have taken every measure required to prevent the attacks in future, but we still encourage you to keep your eyes open and immediately notify us of any suspicious mails. Here you will find our official announcement of the project discredit attempt:

Our team is meeting trouble halfway, since in the end of the day any trouble only makes us stronger and gives us a valuable insight.
However, last week we had some pleasant moments as well. Our announcement of transitioning to merged mining was on the top seven events of the last week for Bitcoin and the blockchain industry. The following article was written and published by our partners: http://forklog.com/newsdigest-2017-02-19/

Oleg Hovayko, a leading Emer blockchain platform developer, has published an extremely exciting article about the confrontation between the public and private blockchain. All pros and cons are described in a clear and simple language. This one won’t be a waste of time anyway, so just read it! https://geektimes.ru/company/hashflare/blog/286116/

By the way, now we’ve got the Telegram news bot. Telegram users can just click the link to install the bot automatically. Now you’re going to be the first to receive the latest Emercoin news. https://telegram.me/EmerNews_bot

I don’t know about you, but we have missed you to the moon and back. We wish you a nice and easy week and as much good news as you can get.


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