WEEK 8 OF 2017

A lot of good news.

Good day, Emercoin fans!

Finally the spring has come, so now the work will flow faster and more easily. This past week has been fruitful and brought in a lot of good news.
First, one huge piece of news that cheered up the whole Bitcoin and blockchain community. On February 24, the Bitcoin rate reached its new absolute maximum on the Bitfinex stock exchange—$1222. The previous record was registered on November 17, 2013, on the Mt Gox stock exchange, and it was $1216.

Surely, you already know about one of our main technological solutions, EMC DPO. EMC DPO is a system of precise proof of ownership based on the EmerCoin blockchain. It is quite popular among users, so recently there was an idea to create a web app for it.
And when the Emer Team comes up with an idea, there is no need to wait long for it to be realized. This article provides a detailed instruction for the EMC DPO installation: https://github.com/Emercoin/emcdpo

Our marketing director Stanislav Polozov contributed to this, as well. On March 9, he is traveling to Tallinn to attend the “Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference”, where he will act both as a speaker and a moderator.

Remember when we told you about Authorizer, our joint project with HashCoins. This is a tool used to obtain a certificate, which gives users a password-free and, at the same time, secure access to various online systems.
Authorizer is based on the emcSSL certificate technology, the first decentralized digital key management system based on the EmerCoin blockchain. Authorizer is currently being tested and the official project launch is coming soon. http://forklog.net/hashcoins-to-replace-all-passwords-with-one-blockchain/

And as usual, please accept the warmest greetings from our Masha. She wishes you a good week and invites you to visit our Facebook page at any time. https://www.facebook.com/EmercoinOfficial