Blockchain for things. Special Watches tale

Many years of excellent craftsmanship and work brought prestige to the watchmakers’ factory. His products were deservedly in very high demand. Famous, rich, and influential people of the city were willing to buy the watches produced by the factory to add to their collections. After some time, the factory decided to create something new that has never been done before, and could not be repeated. This was no ordinary watch, but one with very special features. It was decided that these watches should be marked in a unique way. The watchmaker decided to create a permanent record of these watches in the blockchain, writing in it the serial number, model number, and instructions to the future owner.
The watch factory was very busy now so they did not have enough time to produce for everyone who wished to sell their products. The factory sent everything they produced for the week (most importantly, the special watches) to Old Bob’s clock shop. Along with them, the watchmaker placed the record of Bob’s address in the blockchain, adding along with it “Pass on to my old friend and only trusted partner Bob, for distribution.”
So in the most important display case of Old Bob’s store sat the special watches. They shone with polished faces of sapphire glass and palladium casing, so brilliantly that they could be seen from across the street. This caught the eye of Mike.
He went to Old Bob and inquired about these special watches. Old Bob explained that the watches were truly unique. This watch measured not only time, but also wrote and measured history, which could only be controlled by the true owner of the watch. Mike was so impressed that he purchased some watches from Bob immediately. Old Bob, passing the watches to Mike, recorded the transfer in the blockchain, writing “Sold to the venerable Mr. Mike, on this day.”
Mike joyfully walked down the street. He gazed at his new watches, imagining handing down these beautiful timekeeping pieces to his son, and recording this transfer of ownership in the blockchain. After many years, the watches would become priceless heirlooms for Mike’s family name.
It was in this moment of daydreaming that Mike was robbed by Harry the thief. The brilliant glow of the watches attracted Harry to steal and convince Mike to hand over the watches if he wanted to continue living a long healthy life. “Over some watches!”, exclaimed Harry, as he moved far enough away to examine them more closely. “I can get at least one hundred pounds for them!”
The following day, Harry began to sell his loot, however there was something strange. Customer were delighted to come up to Harry and view the wares, but as they directed their smartphones towards the special watches, the joy left their faces and they departed in silence.
That very same day, Harry was arrested by the police. Only during the trial for his thievery did Harry realize the primary reason for his capture. In frustration, Mike came home the previous day and contributed to the record of these watches on the blockchain which read “Property of Mike’s family name. These watches were stolen from me during a robbery. If found, please alert the authorities.” This is the very same record the potential buyers saw on their smartphones when they approached Harry. Several of these potential buyers reported the record to the police, leading them straight to the arrest of Harry. Even if Harry had known about this record, he would have never been able to sell the watches, because the blockchain protected Mike and his families’ name as the permanent rightful owners of these watches of these precious watches.