The Revolution in Short-Term Employment. Emercoin and ChronoBank to Join Their Efforts

ChronoBank is planning to develop its project applying three technological solutions of the Emercoin platform:

1. emcSSL is a system of blockchain-based password-free authentication. Extension for standard SSL user protocol. Allows for saving digital imprints of certificates within the blockchain. Authorizes the users and renders access to remote sites safe and protected.

2. emcSSH is EmerCoin blockchain-based technology that allows solving network security issues. It is used for expanding and managing a world-scale open keys infrastructure (serves as an extension to a standard PKI). emcSSH makes network administration more secure, as it saves

public keys and access control lists (ACL) within the blockchain. It completely rules out the possibility of a widespread hacker attack; besides, the issue of a “single administrator” is resolved. It is used for secure corporate networks of various levels.

3. emcDNS is an alternative decentralized domain name system. A service for generation of extra safe networks. Emercoin blockchain-based DNS helps avoid blocking Internet resources, as well as various DDOS attacks.

Another novelty for ChronoBank is the adoption of the EMC currency for the financing of various projects aimed at supporting and developing the ChronoBank blockchain platform.

Moreover, Emercoin experts will provide counsel to ChronoBank employees related to using the state-of-the-art financial instruments.

“ChronoBank appreciates Emercoin’s priceless contribution to the development of blockchain technologies. In the future, many new applications will be built on the basis of the blockchain. We are convinced that by using the knowledge and skills of the Emercoin team we will be able to open up new horizons for ChronoBank,” says Sergei Sergienko, the Director General of ChronoBank.

ChronoBank is a multi blockchain project that works for an overall reform in the sphere of human resources. Its main aim resides in triggering a revolution in short-term employment for key jobs in electronic commerce, cleaning, storage facilities, industry, construction, and various forms of freelance.

Official website: www.chronobank.io
Partnership proposal: https://blog.chronobank.io/chronobank-announces-technical-and-financial-partnership-with-emercoin-24905dd4f857#.oyspo9oo7

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