DocSensus is a new system of electronic document flow on the Emercoin blockchain

DocSensus, a development from Deloitte, was presented at the BlockchainUA Conference held in Kyiv on March 17.
DocSensus is a register of corporate documentation based on the technology of the Emercoin blockchain. This system is able to radically change the existing document flow and protect any document from unauthorized changes, false representations, and losses.

Unlike many other existing solutions in the field of document flow and legal data storage, the reliability of this system is ensured by blockchain technology.
In fact, DocSensus is a complete concept of decentralized document flow for business, individuals, and the state. The developers plan to implement the system gradually, displacing in that way numerous schemes and string pulling, which can be implemented only in paper document flow.

During the presentation, the power of attorney by which Deloitte authorized the project team to present DocSensus was demonstrated. Moreover, conference participants had the opportunity to look at the original digital document signed by an electronic digital signature in the Emercoin block chain.

As part of the conference, the second All-Ukrainian Blockchain Hackathon took place from March 18-19. Within 30 hours, seventeen technological teams competed in product development with the use of cryptotechnologies. During those two days, the DocSensus team from Deloitte significantly improved their solution and took second place in the competition.

“We worked to meet a serious business need in the field of document flow, which is process simplification and the provision of legal security. We all want to store documents with maximum reliability, prevent their loss, protect them from false representation and abuse, as well as provide the opportunity to ourselves and to third persons to verify paper documents according to digital originals which are impossible to falsify”.
Dmitry Pavlenko, Director of the Tax and Legal Department of Deloitte.

Testing of smart contract functions will be the following stage of the project. The smart program will trace legal changes in a document’s status and will manage such changes. For example, if an employee who is granted the power of attorney leaves the company, DocSensus will keep track of such information, prepare a decision on the document’s cancellation, and record a new status on the block chain.

“This is a very interesting and prospective project. Besides solving the task, we gain new experience and pleasure, because we work according to the best development practices: scrum and design thinking. At present, we are ready to discuss and test solutions with our customers who work with a large volume of important paper documents, analyze their needs and risks, and estimate the economic effect from the possible implementation of DocSensus into their business processes”.
Dmitry Pavlenko, Director of the Tax and Legal Department of Deloitte.

Deloitte is an international company that provides services in the field of audit, taxation, and consulting. It is included in the Big Four of audit companies and is the largest professional network in terms of the number of employees (255,000 persons). In 2015, Fortune included Deloitte in the rating of the World’s 100 Most Admired Companies.
Official website: https://www2.deloitte.com/ru/ru.html

Emercoin is not only one of the world’s leading digital currencies, but also a distributed system of trusted information. It allows users to exchange money and valuable data at any time, no matter where they are.
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Information source. The official press release of Deloitte: https://www2.deloitte.com/ua/uk/pages/press-room/press-release/doc-sensus.html

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