Emercoin is included in Red Hat’s corporate catalog of certified programs.

Since Emercoin’s launch, more than ten major technology solutions have been implemented, and this is only the start. Emercoin is developing and growing, which actually proves the multi-service character of the project.

Recently, the work of the Emer team has been noticed by Red Hat, an American software company, provider of Linux solutions for the corporate sector. And now Emercoin is officially included in the catalog of certified software for corporate solutions.
This is pleasant and honorable, for Red Hat is a leading provider of open source solutions. It develops and releases Enterprise solutions based on the Linux free operating system. The catalog of certified software available on the Red Hat website contains products of world famous companies, such as Oracle, Symantec, McAfee, IBM-Software Group, Intel, Kaspersky Lab, Parallels Inc, and Acronis.

The catalog presents a short list of major Emercoin services:
EMCSSH, a technology which enables the solution of security problems on the Web. It is used for the deployment and management of open key infrastructures with a global reach.
EMCDNS, an alternative, decentralized system of domain names. A service for the generation of extra safe networks.
EMCLNX, a decentralized advertising CPC network.
EMCSSL, a system of password-free authentication on the Web.
InfoCard, a technology based on the EmerCoin blockchain, which makes it possible to fill in user profiles automatically. It is used together with EMCSSL.
EMCTTS, a temporary stamp storage system based on the EmerCoin blockchain. The service makes it possible to record the time of any document allocation in the blockchain.
Magnet, a distributed storage network for Magnet links.
EMCDPO, a system of incontestable proof of certain ownership rights.
ENUMER, a service for IP telephony.
EMCWEB, a WEB interface for the Emercoin core.

It is also noteworthy that Emercoin is actually the only blockchain represented in the catalog.
To find Emercoin in Red Hat’s catalog of certified software, please click the link: https://access.redhat.com/ecosystem/search/#/category/Software?sort=sortTitle%20asc&query=Emercoin&ecosystem=Red%20Hat%20Enterprise%20Linux