Copyrights. EMC Digital Proof of Ownership (DPO)

A solution to the proper management of intellectual property, Emer’s Digital Proof of Ownership service makes the world of IP a more friendly place to do business. From trademarks to copyrights to any form of digital rights, blockchain technology via Emer’s EMC DPO brings a new level of security and transparency to the process of attributing ownership to intellectual property.

To illustrate this idea, we came up with a fairy tale about Special Watches.


Internet security (EMC SSL, EMC SSH)

The Emer blockchain is a trusted, source and thus a great choice as a foundation for the deployment of cryptographic public key infrastructure (PKI). Offering true secure certificate management, the blockchain acts as the validator, not the server-side. This removes the ability for a MITM attack as well as offers security to the certificate holder. In addition, EMC SSL allows for passwordless authentication across the internet. This removes the need for passwords which are often lost or stolen, creating support and security costs for the company. For the customer this means no more passwords are required to log into their favorite sites.
How to use emcSSH (GUIDE)
How to use emcSSL (GUIDE)


Internet of things (EMC SSL, EMC SSH)

Every day, more and more devices are becoming connected to the internet and gaining a digital identity. Soon, your fridge will be able to order groceries for you while your car sends maintenance updates to the manufacturer wirelessly. This World is becoming connected and with billions of devices set to join the Internet of Things in the coming years, a scalable solution is required. Security and scalability being the focus, The Emer blockchain allows for the secure communication of devices across geographical regions. A distributed solution is needed and blockchain technology is poised to make the Internet of Things a reality in the near future.
How to use emcSSH (GUIDE)
How to use emcSSL (GUIDE)


Vehicle security. EMC Digital Proof of Ownership (DPO)

Imagine the ability to look up any vehicle’s information instantly on the Emer blockchain- history of owners, insurance, warranties, make and model, repairs and maintenance, etc. This is all now possible via Emer’s Digital Proof of Ownership service – EMC DPO.

Starting at the assembly plant, a digital proof of ownership can be applied to the vehicle that tracks the VIN #. In addition to this, other pertinent information can be recorded such as the production plant, list of parts, owner and service records, accident history, insurance and much more.

Because this information is being stored on the secure Emer blockchain, a new level of trust will be associated with buying and selling a vehicle. The owner of the vehicle will always be able to prove so with the private key associated with the proof of ownership record. From a fraud standpoint, the immutable power of blockchain technology makes the entire industry much more secure given the difficulty of introducing fraud to the system.


P2P advertising (EMC LNX)

Emer is redefining the term “Distributed Advertising” . The EMC LNX advertising network gives the ability for advertisers and advertising platforms to earn on advertising directly without intermediaries. If you are an advertiser you can now monetize high-quality customers who visit your site via advertising platforms. From the advertising platforms perspective you can attract more advertising as its cost to the advertiser is significantly lower than in the classic CPC-service (pay-per-click advertising link). In addition, the network has the possibility to cut off low-quality traffic, and often there is no excessive censorship. Another advantage is the immediate settlement of funds between parties. And perhaps the best part is that you can start earning this advertising income in Emercoin (EMC), what the advertising network runs on.


Origin proof. EMC Digital Proof of Ownership (DPO)

Today there exists a huge secondary market of counterfeit products of famous brands. Now imagine a World where every item has a unique identification number which can be checked instantly, revealing all the products information? Details like what plant a auto part was produced in or what tailor a coat was fashioned by.
Emer’s Digital Proof of Ownership service allows for physical and virtual items to be given a proof of origin and authenticity. Now buying a diamond ring can be a fully trusted process when the diamond has been registered and validated on the Emer blockchain. The greatly reduces the possibility of fraud as only the true owner of the diamond in question will be able to show the immutable Proof of Ownership recorded on the Emer blockchain.


EMC Digital Proof of Ownership (EMC DPO)

Digital Proof of Ownership solves many real world problems related to the validation and authenticity of numerous products and services available today. By outsourcing the factor of trust to the Emer blockchain, physical and digital goods can now be assigned immutable proof of ownership to their respective owners. Emer DPO technology offers solutions for the validation of ownership in key areas of economic activity such as software licenses and subscriptions, land titles and deeds, music, artwork, diamonds, vehicle registrations and much more.


Smart contracts (EMC Atom)

Using the blockchain for Smart Contacts? What is a Smart Contract? For example we have two parties who have both agreed on a certain transaction, exchange, sale, partial sale, or more complex conditions. The conditions of the agreement and locked into the Smart Contract running on the Emer blockchain. Once the pre-established conditions of the contract have been met, the contract is executed and both parties will be fairly represented via the blockchain. There is no 3rd party human arbiter in this case, no lawyer or mediator. Blockchain technology acts as the trusted party in the case of Smart Contracts. Contracts based on the Emer blockchain are fulfilled upon the conditions of the contract independent of the parties. Business made simple.


Uncensorable DNS (EMC DNS)

Today an increased amount of cases where the closure of access to information on the ISP level is occurring throughout the Internet. Moreover, service providers themselves are not always to blame, some are simply complying with legal orders. But overzealous censorship of information online has brought about the impetus for a free, unfettered solution to the sharing of data in a increasingly connected World. EMC DNS is a fully operational DNS-based blockchain service that is completely resistant to the censorship of Internet resources, as well as various kinds of DDOS attacks.