Russian farmer Mikhail Shlyapnikov has announced the launch of ICO.

On April 1st, fundraising began for the development of the Kolionovo Ecosystem project.
Mikhail Shlyapnikov is the manager of the Kolionovo farm and the first farmer in the world to use blockchain in the agricultural industry. His new project, Kolionovo Ecosystem, makes it possible to attract the required resources for the development of farm production of goods and services.

ICO terms for the Kolionovo Ecosystem project:
1M KLN (Kolions) listed for sale
Initial cost: 1KLN — 1USD
Project time frame — 30 days
Fundraising ends 2017/05/01 (after this date Kolions will be traded on the stock market.)

ICO is based on the Waves platform with the use of Emercoin services:

EMC DPO is a system used to provide incontestable proof of ownership.
EMC SSL is a system of password-free web authentication. This is the first decentralized system based on the Emercoin blockchain digital key management.

Organizers note that the Kolionovo Ecosystem project is not a startup, but a way to inject additional investments into a number of production lines that have been successfully operating for over 10 years. Raised funds will be used to expand production, to grow volume capability and product variety.
Even before ICO, Kolions had already been secured via liquid in-house goods.
The investments are linear in their nature: it’s not about making a one-time or single product, it’s about expanding and growing the existing production volume and product variety.
The eventual growth of the price of a Kolion is proportional to the growth of production volumes. Moreover, owners of Kolions will be able to purchase a number of goods with a discount of up to 100%.
This is an open project. Each stage will be thoroughly showcased on Facebook, Twitter, a dedicated blog, forums, and the media for several years.

Additionally, this is not the the first event involving the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain for the event’s organizers. In the summer of 2016, an Emercoin blockchain-based ICO was successfully held behind the scenes with a limited number of investors and participants involved.

Investing in this project is possible with fiat currencies (e.g. RUB, USD, EUR, CNY) as well as cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, Waves and Emercoin.

Official Project Website: kolionovo.com

Project Organizer Contact Information:
Mikhail Shlyapnikov
Kolionovo Farm Manager
+7 (985) 111-7012 [email protected]

* Crowdfunding is a means of raising funds from a large number of donors for the purpose of implementing a product or service, assisting the needy, hosting events, or supporting individuals/legal entities.

* ICO is a form of cryptocurrency crowdfunding. It is one of the simplest and effective ways for companies to raise funds in the form of cryptoshares.