Merged mining BTC+Emercoin

Emercoin Switches Over to Merged Mining.

The Emercoin crypto-platform will officially switch over to merged mining in February 2017. This means that now all its users will be able to make money in two cryptocurrencies at once—Emercoin and Bitcoin.

Until recently, Emercoin and Bitcoin operated entirely independently. The switch to Merged Mining is not just the whim of developers, but a well-planned move that is sure to be beneficial to both users and Emercoin itself.

Regular Mining vs Merged Mining
Mining is what is required to ensure the proper functioning of a crypto-platform, and can be compared with the generation of lottery tickets. Out of millions of combinations, players must select the winning one. While with regular mining you check your ticket in only one cryptographic network, merged mining offers you several to use at once. Thus you might have a stroke of luck twice!

Advantages of Merged Mining:
– Miners can make money in two digital currencies at the same time, with no extra burden on equipment capacity.
– Emercoin will become even more secure, as blockchain complexity skyrockets by over 500 times.
– An increased number of Emercoin users.
– Increased trust in the network. Trust is one of the most important values in the digital world today.

To switch to Merged Mining, the consent of 95% of miners must be obtained, thus allowing for the use of an updated protocol.
The innovation will not entail any disruptions in the operations of the platforms, as both cryptocurrencies are built on one and the same algorithm—SHA-256. Only one drawback of merged mining has been found to date: lower premiums to miners for their work.

Technical Features:

Block mining is only available after a new customer has created any 950 blocks from the 1,000 most recent. Until then, MM blocks are rejected.
Compared with client version 0.5.X, the latest 0.6.0 version has undergone significant alterations:
Merged mining with Bitcoin is now available.
The not critical double-vote PoS vulnerability has been fixed.
The rarely experienced freezing of a wallet with a large number of transactions has been eradicated.