The Mergemining.com pool started merged mining of Bitcoin and Emercoin

On April 6, Emercoin was added to the Mergemining.com pool.
The first test showed excellent results.
The standard commission fee established by Mergemining.com for the mining of ЕМС and ВTC is 1%.
The Emer team has already announced the first positive results of its transition to Merged Mining – in March, the complexity of Emercoin’s mining increased 200-fold.
The total network Hash Rate exceeded 130 petahashes, and keeps rising.

MERGEMINING is a merge mining pool that allows the mining of various cryptocurrencies based on the SHA256 hash algorithm. Its main purpose is to help miners earn as much money as possible.

Official information source: https://mergemining.com/emercoin

Information on the increase in the complexity of Emercoin mining can be found here:

Сложность EMC 10-4-17