New Web App by Emercoin

The Emercoin team has launched the EMC DPO web application. The EMC DPO technological solution appeared two years ago. During this period, the service proved its efficiency and gained user trust. The EMC DPO simple web application has been created with the user’s convenience in mind.
EMC DPO is a system of precise proof of ownership based on the EmerCoin blockchain.
Blockchain acts as a public ledger where only the record owner can prove the title. The record of ownership is made in the blockchain. This record can be used to confirm rights for any kind of property with a unique ID number, like vehicle identification numbers (VIN), cadastral numbers of land plots, software license numbers, and so on.

How EMC DPO works:
A manufacturer of goods, such as watches or jewelry items, decides to protect their brand against counterfeiting. For this purpose, they add the EMC DPO app on their website, make a record on every product item in the blockchain, and generate a QR code.
Then, every customer can scan the QR code for each item they like, go to the website, and see whether an item with the provided serial number exists, and whether it has been already bought by someone else.
Thus, the customer makes sure that the product is genuine. The manufacturer does not incur losses and improves their reputation.

Any manufacturer/product owner may install the app and become an EMC DPO user.
Follow the link to install the app: https://github.com/Emercoin/emcdpo
The detailed guidelines for installation are also available on the page of Sergey Vakula, IT Director, Emer Group: https://habrahabr.ru/post/322696/ .

“We’ve created the EMC DPO web app to make the work with the service as simple as possible, and thus, attract new users who may find that EMC DPO is an efficient way to tackle counterfeiting”,
Emer Team