The First Edition of Koles Coin News

The Koles Coin News released the first edition. Cristopher Lovell by Emercoin Team also gave some comments.

In this edition of Koles Coin News the attack on the DAO is discussed. According to the attacker, the attack was necessary to prevent future attacks to the DAO. If this attack was done first, it would highlight the vulnerabilites, preventing future attacks.

Christopher from Emercoin Team discusses the attack on the DAO and how Emercoin is not susceptible to the same types of vulnerabilites since the underlying code foundation of Emercoin varies vastly from Ethereum.

Ethereum representatives recommend that mining continue normally, despite the attacks.

The bitcoin foundation has elected a new executive director, Llew Claasen. The official bitcoin foundation website has released the announement signalling a new direction for the foundation.

Digitzation of the canadian dollar is being tested with a pilot blockchain launched by the bank of canada, allowing interbank payments. The senior deputy of the bank Carolyn Wilkins speaks about why this move is important to stay ahead of the curve. The canadian bank’s pilot project codename is Jasper.

The bank of england governor announced the tendering of blockchain companies is now open.

English startup Caricoin launces mobile social network platform aimed at caribbean customers.

Swedens chromaway project launches smart contract system to manage all public land registration records.

American companies are testing blockchain technologies to prevent coorruption and fraud. According to Forbes, EW America Research Center, NDI, and bitfury launched a blockchain accelerator to prevent fraud in land registration and legislative body elections.

Invesor Tim Draper continues to buy bitcoin and is now looking in to purchasing some ether. Tim mentions that bitcoin will cotinue to lead over ethereum.

The first digital bank WB21 stated in a digital press release that customers will be able to fund their accounts with bitcoin using the Bitpay system.

The payment system camelot is now accepting bitcoin. Found of Camelot Consulting Azamat Kurbanov elaborates on this new change and his background in cryptocurrency.

An overview of the Emercoin blockchain and its services is shown, highlighting key features and specifications. This describes the various tool the Emercoin blockchain can provide for industries worldwide.

A new web service cryptograffiti hopes to add pictures to the messages in the blockchain with a 50kb limit, preventing image censorship.