Good day, friends!

Good day, friends!

You have probably noticed that new materials have not appeared in the news feed of blockchainengine.org for quite a while. We would like to officially notify you of the suspension of work on the website. You can learn about new projects and achievements of the Emer team from our other official information sources.

We publish hot news on the page of Emercoin’s founder Evgeny Shumilov on the Medium portal – https://medium.com/@emer.tech

Also, we will be glad to see you among our subscribers on our Facebook pages:

Emercoin – https://www.facebook.com/EmercoinOfficial/?fref=ts

If you have an account on Telegram Messenger, please subscribe to our e-mail updates: @EmerNews_bot
https://t.me/emerpress – the channel
https://t.me/emernews – the follower group

Our news feed is constantly being updated on the Reddit portal: https://www.reddit.com/r/EmerCoin/
Additionally, we have an account on the Slack corporate messenger.
As you can see, we will not leave you in the dark. Thank you for visiting blockchainengine.org often. See you on the above mentioned websites!