The hashpower of the Emercoin network has grown tenfold after starting Merged Mining

The Emer team managed to secure the consent of 95% of the miners and make an official transition to Merged Mining. The Merged Mining rules were activated on March 17 after the closure of block 219830. Protection against double voting in the Emercoin network came into effect on the same day.

The Emer team is sure that the system will be much more stable if its infrastructure nodes, including pools, are decentralized. Furthermore, the profit from Merged Mining is an additional incentive for creating new pools.

The first results appeared right after Emercoin’s transition to Merged Mining: throughout March the increase in the complexity of Emercoin’s mining grew by twenty times.

An interesting fact is that the developers did not update their Merged Mining pool, so the hash rate and complexity growth was due to independent miners.

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According to Emercoin’s team, the total network hash rate has exceeded 5 petahashes and is still growing.

The increase in the complexity and hash rate will result in increased stability and trust in the Emercoin network, which confirms that the Emer team’s decision on transition to Merged Mining was the correct one.